Mars Airlines, its broad experience and professional team, is active in the international transportation, aviation and tourism sectors. It aims to make a difference by offering fast, safe and long lasting analyzers to its customers and the services it offers in this context are developing according to the world standards. Mars Airlines has targeted customer satisfaction in all areas such as Air Carriage, Maintenance and Repair, Aircraft Management, Rental and so on. With its professional team and years of experience, Mars Airlines provides its customers with high standard and equal service in line with their needs.

Our aim is being one of the leading players in Turkey and the main players in the global market with our services we offer in the aviation sector such as airplane management, air cargo, maintenance and repair, charter, VIP & business charter.

To provide superior service to our customers in the global market with safe, quality and innovative service understanding in the service areas and to create added value for all our stakeholders.

About to ethical principles
Since it was founded, Mars Airlines has been committed to all its core values and principles and has adopted the principle of transforming its employees who have adopted the same target into corporate people with high qualifications.

We engage in open, honest and consistent cooperation with our customers, our employees, our organizations, the communities and legal authorities we are affected and influenced by our activities.

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders; Each of them is the main target of our institutionalists who have embraced the ethical principles of Mars Airlines, who are innovative and creative thinking, acting as a team in the direction of common goals.

While the MARS is progressing within the framework of the legal and ethical rules in order to reach its corporate goals,

Fair Approach and Integrity
It acts fairly and honestly in all his acts in accordance with legal requirements. When performing their duties, they do not discriminate on the basis of language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, gender and so on, do not behave in practices and practices that are against or contrary to human rights and freedoms,

Use of Information and Privacy
In all communication and decision-making processes, people and institutions pay attention to the right to information and dissemination of information and provide clear, transparent and secure information exchange between the parties by eliminating concerns about the acquisition or dissemination of unethical or uncertain information,

Professional Responsibility
Its follows the national and international legislation, standards and rules required by the job in a well-known and up-to- date manner and carries the responsibility of the business results that it produces; Show the integrity of thought, word and action in attitudes and behaviors,